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On ANZAC day 2009 my son Darryl Sabin entered a fight for his life; one he wasn’t expected to win.  His love for rugby, propensity to suffer concussion and fate had been on a collision course – one I was powerless to avoid.  
Darryl survived emergency brain surgery but I was told to say my goodbyes.  I didn’t; instead I told my son if he was still there – he needed to fight, and I would fight with him.
The Long Way Home is a record of that fight.  It is a raw and heart-felt account of the challenges faced in trying to piece together Darryl’s shattered life, the lessons learnt along the way and how he became the 23rd man of the All Black squad.  It is a story about the power of the human spirit, triumph over tragedy and the strength of the human character.  But most of all it is a story of hope, because sometimes - that’s all you have to cling to.

“He has achieved the impossible. Don't miss the opportunity to meet him.  He is a special young New Zealander.” Sir Graham Henry
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