Client Feedback

I found Darryl’s story, presentation, sense of humour and presence absolutely mind blowing. I can honestly say that his story and presentation was the most heart wrenching and emotional speech I have ever heard. I was moved to tears on many occasions. I would see him speak again.  Luisa Wengler  

Wow!  Amazing.  That was truly inspiring.  Darryl is, in my view, a very effective communicator.  His warm and humorous delivery of his personal story was engaging and deeply moving.  Darryl is truly gifted

I came out of the presentation feeling humbled, emotionally shaken and motivated to "get busy living".  Honestly, it's really hard to put in words just how impressed I was.  It was truly motivational.  Trudi Jordan

Darryl's presentation was amazing. To be honest I went to this presentation with a very closed mind and didn't really want to go. However from the beginning to the very end I was hooked! I actually can't stop thinking about it and how amazing it was! I think it would be great for EVERYONE to see this presentation.  Shane Green

One of the most powerful presentations I have been to. I have been to a lot over my 20 years in the health and disability sector.  This I am sure will never leave me.  Colette Osborne  

Fabulous, very moving, very real, very inspiring. All emotions were tapped and it made me think about my own life and how I can improve myself and think about things differently. Debbie Baker  

Absolutely amazing!  I was very emotionally affected.  Inspirational. At one stage I was so overwhelmed and related this to my son, and wondered whether I would have had the preservation to carry on. I was sobbing so much that I nearly leave the room.  Darryl you are an inspiration.  Mandy Forbes

Best presentation I’ve seen at conference in two years. Thank you so much!!!  loved it. Certainly a presentation that everybody should have an opportunity to listen to. Darryl was very inspiring.  Reinforced by his simple message of ‘shit happens’ and that there is hope, and there are dreams and aspirations that can be achieved, no matter what stuff happens. Leslee Taylor
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